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Counter-tenor David Hansen teases..."Rufun" Wainwright getting back to the opera grind...Man will come drink, sing and put together your cheap Ikea desk...Man gets clotheslined by cable and sues cable company...Netrebko and Schrott splitting...Maazel doesn't care for Kim Kardashians's selfies.

This week  in Oliver's Corner, a furious, writhing Cosi teaser with examples by Agnes Baltsa and threemystery mezzos.

Plus OPERABUSTERS! and Guess Who Died?

If you are so inclined check out tenor/teacher Michael Sylvester's Kickstarter project, "English Diction and Enunciation for North American Singers".

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Michael Mayes. Be sure to tweet @rufuswainwrightand say that @mazerthehazer should play Hadrian #COC2018 #operanowpodcast

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No Thanks, America's Got Talent! And, why is an opera company thanking a critic on Twitter for a good review?

Anne Midgette actually likes a singer...Alberto Vilar gets tossed back into the hoosegow...New York City Opera get the go ahead to sell their wigs and harp...Rolando Villazon returns to The Met after HORRIBLE vocal ailments...Soprano sings Messiah now that she has been asked...French opera company goes with the DAD AX32.

The conclusion of Oliver's Corner on Otello with examples by Jonas KaufmannAilyn PerezFrancesco Merli, and Julianne Baird (!?!?)

Plus Guess Who Died? and the answer to last week's OPERABUSTERS!

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Mike Mayes.

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Il trovatore came to Stamford Corn Exchange...B casts delight in Norma and Forza.

Oliver's Corner continues Otello.


This week features Michael, The OC and Doug Dodson.

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Metropolitan Opera composer program finallyproducing show(s)...Breaking Bad: The (Possible) Opera...Peter Gelb's office is a secret swinger's pad...NYCO's financial meltdown in more detail...Richard Bonynge and that bel canto sound.

This week Oliver's Corner celebrates Verdi's birthday by trying to wrap his tiny mind around Otello.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson, Jenny Rivera and the spoken-word return of Texapolitan Opera Road Show's Michael Mayes.

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James Levine Returns To The Met...Opening Night Protest at The Met...Composers Look to Books And Movies For Material...The bell tolls for thee, New York City Opera...Dallas Opera Balances Budget Ahead Of Schedule...Weight Loss Film Shown At Opera House...Human Piano.

Oliver's Corner Finishes Up Eugene Onegin with the man himself and Prince Gremin.

All that plus an alternate universe where NYCO thrives and The Met Dives...what could have happened?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Jenny Rivera. Plus, some old tyme podcasters.

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Gerard Mortier out at Teatro Real...Juilliard grads bring opera to the schools via superhero stories...Opera makes mice live longer...Opera News Awards recipients announced...The tale of the Alma Mahler sex doll...Portland Opera has nobody to market their shows.

This week in Oliver's Corner five sopranos "pull a Tatyana" by writing one very long and messy letter that repeats the same phrase over and over again.

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Jenny Rivera.



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NYCO at yet another crossroads (and not the good one with Ralph Macchio)...Debora Voigt says to turn out the lights, the parties over...Gerard Mortier undergoes cancer treatment...Courting the youngtech community in Silicon Valley.

This week in Oliver's Corner, we begin a three-part series on Eugene Onegin  just in time for the Met season premiere with the music of Lensky performed by Neil ShicoffNicolai Gedda, and twomystery tenors.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Jenny Rivera

@operanowpodcast, @theoperaqcompany, @dougdodsonenews, @jjennymr


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Dolora Zajick backs out of Dolores Claiborne..."Hot" Opera "Direc"tors...At Tip For Stage Parents.

In the second part of Oliver's Gesture Corner, Juan Diego Florez shows you where the Emotional Zone is on your body;  Erwin Schrott and Denyce Graves teach you how to time your gestures perfectly; and threeexamples of Là ci darem la mano prove that it is best to always sing facing downstage.

This week features The OC and Doug Dodson.

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James Conlon cancels due to surgery...The Met responds to petition blasting Putin...Scalia & Ginsberg opera...Stephen Fry explores the "science" of opera...How a fall can affect your singing...Singers fall into water during Magic Flute.

This week Oliver's Corner (featuring Teresa Stratas and Angela Gheorghiu) returns and he is looking at your fingers while you are singing.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC and Peter Barbera.




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Mezzo sues The Metropolitan Opera after falling through trap door...Thomas Hampson gets waterboarded by BBC's HARDTalk...Opera Philadelphia takes it to the fabulously re-furbed warehouses...First Pavarotti recording to be bundled with umpteenth collection of his hits...Opera singer accuses neighbor of killing her groundhogs...YOU try living in Russia!

Michael's Corner wraps up its look at Gilbert & Sullivan with The Yeomen of the GuardThe GondoliersUtopia Limited and The Grand Duke.

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Jenny Rivera.

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Edita Gruberova speaks out about the loooong rehearsal process in Europe...Mark Morris presents Dido & Aeneas and Curlew River at Tanglewood...Bryn Terfel becomes recording magnate...Licia Albanese turns100...Marriage of Figaro speaks to teens?

Michael's Corner continues with part 2 of his G&S roundup looking at IolanthePrincess IdaThe Mikado and Ruddigore.

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Jenny Rivera.

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Domingo expected to make full recovery after embolism...The Metropolitan Opera to install newseats...Odyssey Opera arises from fallen Opera Boston...Please writers, no more opera puns!...Grimeborn Festival returns.

This week Oliver is usurped and Michael begins a series on the works of his (and Harold's) beloved Gilbert & Sullivan. First up: Thespis, Trial By Jury, HMS Pinafore, Pirates, and Patience.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Peter Barbera.

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Angela Gheorghiu claims spousal abuse...Opera and microphones...Opera landscape bleak in New Jersey this summer...Arts administrators are making some mad cash...Tenafly lad hopes to buck that trend.

This week in a YouTube edition of Oliver's Corner, Turiddu says "Peace Out!" to his momma.

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This week we welcome Nick Renkoski, Director of Marketing for Des Moines Metro Opera to talk with him about his HIIII-larious videos for the 2013 summer season...Jamie Barton brings the Cardiff trophy back to the USA...Lorin Maazel cries foul on crazy modern productions and tells people to vote with their feet and walk out.

In a very special birthday Edition of Oliver's Corner, The OC likes it cheaprustic, and dirty.

This week features Michael, The OC and Doug Dodson.

And if you can, drop by The OC's website to help kick-start his Kickstarter by flying Doug out to Chicago to prepare Dido and Aeneas.

(BTW...the website image was first image that came up when I Googled "Happpy Birthday Oliver..the text was already there!)

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Oliver gives his review of the Boston Early Music Festival...Dame Kiri Te Kanawa shoots off her mouth as scheduled every few years...Floods cancel Handel Festival in Halle...Friend of the show Jimmy Smith makes Leipzig debut...Britten turns 100...X-ray reveals long-lost notes of Medee...Corrupt Cook County opera company gives first scholarship to a trombonist (that's Cook County for you).

What may be the last Oliver's Corner on Handel:  Semele Part IV (No way THAT will happen)

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC and Doug Dodson.

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Cairo Opera goes on strike...Fear of rain forces New York Grand Opera to cancel summer season...voice student sues teacher over inapporpriate behavior.

This week on Oliver's Corner Semele wears out Jupiter's thunder with an audition aria y'all should sing.

Featuring Michael, The OC and Doug Dodson.

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First, a brief follow-up on last weeks episode featuring a new host.

Angela snags Romanian Eurovision countertenor...Opera singer proposes on stage...La Scala cuts back on productions for 2013-14 season...Bryn Terfel has a big summer planned (singing 4 concerts)...Singer looks for donations to attend a pay-to-sing (and needs help memorizing music).

This week Jupiter tries not to burn through another goomah in Act II Scene 3 of Semele on Oliver's Corner.

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and an angry Jenny Rivera.

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James Levine has returned...Is Lyric Opera Chicago's Oklahoma OK? (L-A-H-O-M-A)...Chicago Opera Theater fills season with adventurous pieces you've never heard of...San Fran couple hold fund raiser for implants.
This week Oliver is back to his old tricks dressin' up as your sister, tryin' to steal your man.
A drop the needle on Ino/Juno from Handel's Semele.
This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and (maybe) Jenny Rivera.
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Stop the OPERA IS SEXY INSANITY...Pavarotti Pellegrino...Amanda Seyfried regrets quitting opera.

Oliver's final segment on Pelléas et Mélisande samples four versions of the love duet.

This week features a blistering and angrily-profane Michael, The OC and Matt Boresi of White Dad Problems.

Follow us at @operanowpodcast @theoperacompany and @whitedadprobs


And how come their bellies touch?

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The Hymens are here...And so were the Opera News Awards...Joyce DiDonato Facetimes with you so you're not lonely on the road...Domingo given Medal of Freedom (by City of London...not the good Medal of Freedom or the good London)...German singer is self-titled Lady Gaga of opera...Katherine Jenkins butt up for sponsorship at London Marathon (so says Oliver.)

This week in Oliver's Corner,  Mélisande needs a haircut and Pelléas needs the witness protection program.

This week features Michael, The OC and Marcus Shields.

Follow us on Twitter @operanowpodcast and @theoperacompany

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Natalie Dessay is bored, but luckily, Danielle de Niese was visiting her folks in Jersey...Tenor in Met Opera Die Walkure pulls out mid scene...Meanwhile, some other tenor forgets to show up for the first act of Siegfried...Small NYC opera companies start to pool some resources...Jenny Rivera wows the critic(s) with her latest DVD...Cheesemonger to sing National Anthem.

This week in Oliver's Corner, Mélisande drops the ring and The OC drops the needle on Golaud.

Plus Viewer Mail and Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC and Doug Dodson.

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Lyric Opera Chicago lures young Gen X in with promise of booze and no opera...Lepage Ring at The Met continues to break down...NYCO announces new season...Russian opera chief dies after falling into orchestra pit.

This week Oliver takes a dip into the murky well of Pelléas and Mélisande.

Plus Guess Who Died? and Viewer Mail!

This week features Michael, The OC and Doug Dodson.

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Antonio Pappano bemoans the current generation singers and their frail health...Some singers respond...Vibrating sex toys are good for the throat...New Chief at Royal Opera...The Macaroni Grill best opera singer...More donkey news.

This week in the Holy Week version of Oliver's Corner: Dualing Grieving Momma's with a drop the needle on 11 singers.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC and Devon Estes

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Metropolitan Opera National Council winners are announced and we dip into the OperaNow! Viewer Mail bag...Are singers sharing too much information on social networks...Are opera and ballet elitist...The lonley road of the opera singer...Children's opera highlights the plight of salmon...Another f'ing Donkey gets cast in Carmen.

This week in Oliver's Corner: OratorioNow! (he gave up opera for Lent).

This week features Michael, The OC and listener/guest Marcus Shields.

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The Met to reduce (some) ticket prices...Can opera play at the movies?...What does an operatic career look like?...Chicago Opera Theater goes gay for pay...Kiri Te Kanawa coming to Downton Abbey...Opera is for snobs (and people should be watching soap operas????) The Texas Tenors.

This week in Oliver's Corner - You shall know our velocity: The Rossini Rondò Finale.

Plus, Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and John Greenbaum.

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The first (annual?) Opera Awards are announced...Bryn Terfel's (ex)wife seen with local self-styled footballer...James Conlon to stay at LA Opera for the near future...Another donkey gets his big break in Ipswich.

This week Oliver's Corner shows some love for the Barihunks in their hundreds.

Plus Guess Who Died?

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Quick bonus ep today. Michael, Jenny and Oliver give their thoughts about Powder Her Face at NYCO, Rigoletto in HD from The Met and Haymarket Opera's production of Dido and Aeneas.

Look for a full show this coming weekend.

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The Opera Company of Philadelphia changes name to avoid paying alimony...Fire flies in the face at Lyric Opera Chicago...Choose the best (?) opera singer at Macaroni Grill...Neanderthals sang opera...Sarasota Opera seeks 4-legged cast member..Tulsa Opera to end Saturday show.

This week Oliver's Corner is in C minor and warns you never to sing Et incarnatus est unless you've had a good night's sleep.

This week features Michael, The OC and Jenny Rivera-Rice.
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Il Divo fires back at the critics (and Katherine Jenkins' many dresses)...Local donkey gets big break...Opera telling a lost tale of the Holocaust premieres in Austria...Opera America doles out the cash...New York City Opera bits and bob goes on the auction block......Dustin Hoffman's"Quartet"...Hearing impaired teen opera singer gets grant.

This week in Oliver's Corner 5' tall Wundertenor Joseph Schmidt and his dream to sing La boheme on stage.

If you are in Chicago, a friend has organized a benefit concert Friday, February 1st at 7:30 PM for the Newtown shooting. Information can be found here.

Information for The OC's Schubertiade Superbowl Sunday Soire can be found here.

This week features Michael, The OC, and Doug Dodson.

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The Rat Pack of Opera...Minnesota Opera produce "Doubt"...Royal Opera to produce about 167 new operas in the next 5 years...Random list of male singers...Opera+Porn= ok by Oliver...Blind opera singer (Doug knows her).

This week in Oliver's Corner female climax is explored (version soprano française).

This week features Michael, The OC and Doug Dodson.

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Lyric Opera and Second City a hit...Roberto Alagna takes a mulligan in Opera Orchestra of New York's Andrea Chenier...Québécois tenor goes on vocal strike due to sexy posters (that aren't him)...Alagna & Gheorghiughiughiu split for good?...Tattooed opera composer runs for Czech president. Opera On Ice!

This week in Oliver's Corner your chest voice opens my heart the way the sun makes a flower's legsspread!
This week features Michael, The OC and Doug Dodson.
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New York City elementary school students learn Barber of Seville in Italian even if the cast at The Met didn't...Hungarian emigree returns to Europe thanks to Jazz Choir to sing opera in Italy...Dicapo Opera goes on hiatusto gather funds...Royal Opera at Covent Garden opens building to CCTV for the day (like every other square inch of the London police state.)

In the final segment of Oliver's Corner in Maschera, sixtenors for you to guess.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson, Jenny Rivera and introducing Master Jackson Rice.

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