Antonio Pappano bemoans the current generation singers and their frail health...Some singers respond...Vibrating sex toys are good for the throat...New Chief at Royal Opera...The Macaroni Grill best opera singer...More donkey news.

This week in the Holy Week version of Oliver's Corner: Dualing Grieving Momma's with a drop the needle on 11 singers.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC and Devon Estes

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Metropolitan Opera National Council winners are announced and we dip into the OperaNow! Viewer Mail bag...Are singers sharing too much information on social networks...Are opera and ballet elitist...The lonley road of the opera singer...Children's opera highlights the plight of salmon...Another f'ing Donkey gets cast in Carmen.

This week in Oliver's Corner: OratorioNow! (he gave up opera for Lent).

This week features Michael, The OC and listener/guest Marcus Shields.

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The Met to reduce (some) ticket prices...Can opera play at the movies?...What does an operatic career look like?...Chicago Opera Theater goes gay for pay...Kiri Te Kanawa coming to Downton Abbey...Opera is for snobs (and people should be watching soap operas????) The Texas Tenors.

This week in Oliver's Corner - You shall know our velocity: The Rossini Rondò Finale.

Plus, Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and John Greenbaum.

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