Didn't have the good mic, but enjoy! And thanks for listenig all year long.

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Is NYCO on th way back?...Anna Netrebko steps in it...The Opera News awards are back!...New roof for Tri-Cities Opera...Opera gets undressed.

It's Christmas Eve in Oliver's Corner. Quick, add these two bills together.  The gentleman who was with me will pay.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson, Jenny Rivera and Mike Mayes.

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I was a teenage terrorist (in an opera)...Rome Opera agrees to endstandoff...Young Canadian singers vie for $450 loonies...Minnesota Opera GDresigns...San Diego Opera a "Going Concern"...Green Mountain Opera Festival shutting down......Met deficit sits at $22 million...Barenboim steps down at La Scala...Met seeks lunch-lady...Camels take center stage.

In Oliver's Corner: The 2014 Fantasy League La bohème.

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson, Jenny Rivera and Mike Mayes.

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Guess what we did for Opera Week in America?...Jenny's latest Huffington Post article on opera marketing...Should some singers be heard and not heard?...Florida Grand opera calls on Miami to get some cash...Enrico Caruso love letters on auction...Montserrat Caballe avoids jail sentence for tax evasion... Christine Goerke named Vocalist of the Year by Musical America.

In the Corner, Oliver finally recognizes why he loves Electra.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC and Doug Dodson.

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Death of Klinghoffer debuts amid protests (but it seemed to go well in hindsight)...American Orchestras are shooting themsleves in the foot...Paris Opera Ejects Woman In Muslim Veil After Cast Refuses To Sing...Carmen Smoking Ban Lifted In Australia...

In Oliver's Corner, Jean Madeira is mommy, dearest.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, our old pal David Gordon and Our Man in Venice.

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Rome Opera shitcans orchestra and chorus...Netrebko moving on to Norma after Macbeth triumph...Apparently, The Met's production of Death of Klinghoffer will silence the Jews...The rumors of opera's death have greatly exagerated.

This week in Oliver's Corner: part one of Strauss's  Elektra -Girls just wanna have fun! 

Plus OPERABUSTES and Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC and Jenny Rivera.

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Vienna State Opera loses another conductor...Metropolitan Opera lays off 22 non-union workers thanks to Mike Mayes's's's' rants...Kiri Te Kanawa thinks Britain is "Killing" talent...Death of Klinghoffer protests scheduled for opening night at The Met...Man who beat cab driver fearing he wouldn't make the curtain of Fanciulla avoids jaintime.

This week in Oliver's Corner, Carlo Bergonzi just does everything better.

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug, Jenny Rivera and Mike Mayes.

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Opera Tells Before and After Tale...Singer Fired After Ranting On Facebook...Alagna Scared Away By The Audience Again...L.A. Opera Extends Domingo's Contract...Met Grand Tier Restaurant Seeks New Manager on Craigslist...Lyric Opera Virginia Closes Doors...Man Beats Cabbie With Cane For Fear of Being Late to Fanciulla.

This week in Oliver's Corner: does Adina have any redeeming qualities besides being highly literate?

Plus Guess Who Died and and a new segment: Who's That Guy In That Show?

This week features Michael, The OC, Jenny Rivera, Mike Mayes and Megan Marino.

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Met Reaches Deal With AGMA and AFM...Met Predicts Larger Deficit Next Season...San Diego Opera: The Whole Story...Wainwright Selling The Shirts Off His Back To Fund Prima Donna Recording...Mountian Lion (And Accoridng To Peter Gelb, Most Americans) Scared Off By Opera...Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera Scraps Fall Season...The Show Must Go On...All Of Her Fingers Must Hurt.

In part one of Oliver's Corner on Elixir of Love, Belcore is a d*ck.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson, Jenny Rivera and Michael Mayes.

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Our first live show, from sunny Santa Barbara...

The Met union struggles continue but with some light at the end of the tunnel...Germany saves the day once again with opera jobs...Tamar Iveri plans gay bash to make up for her previous gay bash...Is opera racist? (probably).

This week in Oliver's Corner, not even Marilyn Horne can get him off of his script about Act 2 of Carmen. 

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Jenny Rivera, Will Ferguson...and MARYLIN HORNE!

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